Day 9

Read Matthew 2:1-12.

Devotion by: Suzanne Basich
Visit of the Wise Men

This Scripture tells us of the journey of the three wise men and their quest to find the newborn King that had been prophesied by Micah 700 years earlier. After a brief encounter with King Herod, they continued to Bethlehem. The Bible tells us they were filled with such joy when they finally arrived at their destination and saw the child they had been seeking; they bowed down to worship Him. They also came bearing gifts for the new King: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They seem like odd gifts for a child, but going deeper these gifts were both prophetic and symbolic in nature.

Jesus was the Newborn King - so gold was a fitting gift for a King. The frankincense was used back then by the priests as "holy incense" and burned it in the temples. And the myrrh was a prophetic gift used to anoint a body at death. These three gifts remind us that Jesus is our King, our High Priest, rabbi, and teacher. He is ultimately our Savior who had to die on the cross for our sins.

I wonder how many of us today are seeking Jesus with the persistence, determination, and urgency that the Wise Men did long ago? I want to be like the Wise men - don't you?

There is a poem entitled, “Wise Men Seeking Jesus” by James T. East:

Wise men seeking Jesus traveled from afar,
Guided in their journey by a wond’rous star.
But if we desire Him, He is close at hand,
For our native country is our holy land.
Prayerful souls may find Him by our quiet lakes,
Meet Him on our hillsides when the dawning breaks
In our fertile wheat fields where the sheaves are bound,
In our busy markets Jesus may be found.
Fishermen talk with Him by the deep blue sea
As the first disciples did by Galilee.
Every peaceful village in our land might be
Made by Jesus’ Presence like sweet Bethany.
He is more near us if we love Him well,
For He seeketh ever in our hearts to dwell.

Jessica Spivey