Week 2 Recap: Days 7-12

Devotion by: Lynne Fukutani

This week we focused on other people more than we focused on Jesus. And, on each day this week, the people we met each had a divinely appointed job to do: 

  • The shepherds got to see Jesus first-hand, andthen they told everyone what they had seen.

  • At the temple, both Anna and Simeon confirmed what the angels had said about Jesus, that He was the Savior promised by God.

  • The wise men from the East used science and secular wisdom to see if God’s prophecies about a coming Messiah were true. After leaving expensive gifts for Jesus, they went back home and undoubtedly told people that yes, it was all true!

  • Escaping from the threat of death, Mary and Joseph boldly sought safety for Jesus in Egypt, protecting the Child who would grow up to save the world.

  • The religious teachers whose job it was to teach the people about God got schooled by God Himself! Do you think their messages gained newconfidence and a new perspective aftertheir encounter with Jesus?  

  • John the Baptist’s job was the opening act, the frontman, the man before The Man. John had the unenviable roleto tell the Pharisees that they would soon be out of a job. He declared that Jesus would soon come into His earthly ministry and point people to faith in God. 

All of these people had a job to do. Some of the jobs were joyous; others trepidatious. Sometimes our jobs--the ones we do for God--are joyous, but sometimes they are terrifying. Like the women and men we met this week, we are called to respond to God’s call with boldness. We’re called to set aside our agendas and embrace God’s mission, which is to save people from an eternity separated from Him. We’re to do the same job as that of the people we met in Scripture this week. It’s the same job Christians have been doing for centuries. It’s the mission of Bay Hope Church: to connect people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Jessica Spivey