Day 13

Read Matthew 3:13-17, Mark 1:9-11 and Luke 3:21-22.

Devotion by: Cathy Bryant
Baptism of Jesus

Baptism, Cheesecake, and Jesus. You’re probably wondering what cheesecake has to do with baptism or Jesus. For me, cheesecake is comfort. It’s my go-to food that makes me smile. It reminds me of happiness in my life. It’s peace because my Grandma always made the best in the world. When I had a tough day or I was sad, there would be cheesecake, and I would feel comforted. Like everything was just fine again. Something so simple brought me joy.

Whatever your earthly comfort is, a food, a smell, or maybe even cheesecake for you, too, know that the comfort for your soul is baptism, a reminder of the day Jesus saved you from your sins. When you are baptized you demonstrate that you have complete assurance that one day you will be in heaven with Jesus, that Jesus has washed your sins clean, that you’ve given your sorrows, pain, worries and fears to Jesus, that Jesus will comfort you always.

If you’ve been baptized, or if you are deciding if baptism is your next step, know that when you are baptized, God is pleased!

Jessica Spivey