Day 15

Read John 1:29-32.

Devotion by: Stephen Slay
Return of Jesus from Wilderness

In this passage of Scripture, John the Baptist is baptizing people in the Jordan River and sees Jesus approaching. Upon noticing Jesus, John testifies that he sees the Holy Spirit descending on Him like a dove. This descent confirms for John who Jesus is because the Lord told John he would receive this revelation in this specific manner. An idea that I hold tightly to in this passage is John's explanation for his actions in verse 31. He claims that the purpose for his actions was so God would show up and reveal Himself to people who don't know Him. That is a simple yet powerful principle where we can find peace! What would it look like if we were simply and willingly obedient and then actually expectant that the Holy Spirit would show up in our midst?

Notice obedience only implies participation, not performance. God isn't concerned with how talented you are. Your qualification comes solely from the fact that you are called. He only asks that you walk with Him. What would it look like if our lives, rather than being ruled by the mediocre and mundane, were lived out as if we were expecting God to show up as a result of our participation in His plan for our life? I feel so often that we as Christians miss out on God's goodness not because He isn't there, but because we never looked up to see Him.

Jessica Spivey