Day 16

Read John 1:35-51.

Devotion by: Cathy Hensarling
Initial call of First Disciples

John the Baptist had been called by God as a messenger to encourage the people to repent of their sins and to get baptized. Crowds of people followed him to hear his message, which centered on seeking the Messiah. When Jesus walked by, and John called out "Look! The Lamb of God," John was happy that those who trusted and believed in the things he had taught them, went to follow Jesus, the One he had been preparing them to follow.

How difficult would it be to have those who had followed you, trusted you and depended on your teaching, to go off with another? John's heart was right; he was doing God's work. John was human, with human feelings of fear, loneliness, and loss. Could he have felt some sense of the loss of those who had been following him, when they left to follow Jesus, the Messiah?

Jessica Spivey