Day 17

Read John 2:1-12.

Devotion by: Ginny Coffey
First Miracle

Thank You, Jesus, for showing me Your profound love through the details of your first miracle during the wedding celebration in Cana. Through this miracle, You teach me about prayer, faith and Your love.

You invite me to communicate my concerns directly to You such as, “I am frightened,” in the way Mary did when she said, “they have no more wine.” Sometimes I am paralyzed with fear and don’t even know how to ask for what I need. Yet, you invite me to share with You that I am afraid. Simply sharing that truth turns it into a prayer for You.

You demonstrate when I have enough faith to tell You I am frightened, You begin to instruct me and lead me towards my next steps. As I obey those instructions, I start to see Your miracles unfolding in my life, just like those servants did when You instructed them simply to fill the jars with water.

You lift me up with your perfect love as You intimately work out the details of my circumstance. You unfold them in such a distinct way that only You can be glorified. And as You are glorified, my faith grows. And as my faith grows, my love for You grows. And as my love for You grows, my communication with You through prayer grows.

Jessica Spivey