Week 3 Recap: Days 13-18

Devotion by: Bill Atkinson

As I reflect on the scriptures for this week, I am reminded of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Jesus as He sought to be baptized.  He prepared for his powerful ministry by seeking to bring “great joy” to His Father (Luke 3:22).

Do we experience the power of Baptism in our lives?  Jesus did!

It was the leading of the Holy Spirit that began the 40 days in the wilderness and the temptations from Satan. The physical fasting was part of the temptation, but His wisdom from the Holy Spirit enabled Him to see, hear and respond clearly to Satan’s attacks.  

Do we seek the Holy Spirit’s wisdom when life gets hard?  Jesus did!

As Jesus returned from the wilderness, it was evident the Holy Spirit was resting on Him and that He had the wisdom to select those first disciples simply as He encountered them. I believe the Holy Spirit had been preparing each of their hearts to respond and placing them at the right time and place to engage with Jesus.

Do we notice God putting us in situations where He wants to use us?  

Sometimes it might be simply to pray for or express love to someone. Other times it might be to reach out and impact our world as He would, which could cost us time and resources or even our life on earth.  But do we notice God putting us in these situations? Jesus did!

Next, we see Jesus performing a miracle (water to wine), which would have been witnessed by all at the celebration.

Did Jesus seek to perform the miracle to bring attention to Himself or was it to confirm to His mother, brothers, and disciples that He was God in the flesh? I can imagine their time together in Capernaum was filled with questions and blessings. 

Nicodemus- a Jewish religious leader recognized Jesus as God. I believe his heart is prepared to seek the simple answer for how to experience the new life that Jesus represents.

Do we see Jesus for who He is?  Are our hearts ready to surrender to His love and life transformation?  Are we ready to be a reflection of His light?

To be there to see Jesus in these early weeks of His ministry would have been powerful.  Thank you, Jesus. You brought great joy to the Father and us today.  You provide eternal life that transforms our lives!

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Jessica Spivey