Day 22

Read Luke 4:16-30.

Devotion by: Daniel Partridge 
Rejected at Nazareth

The line in today’s reading that resonated that with me was, “no prophet is acceptedin hisownhometown.”Thiscould have many meanings in our world today, but at that moment, Jesus seemed to be saying that instead of His hometown keeping Him all to themselves, He needed to be able to share Himself with the world. He continued to give examples of other prophets who, instead of staying in their hometown and helping the people that are just like them, went out into the world and helped those that were not like themselves. The crowd He was speaking to became angry with Him and tried to throw him off a cliff, but Jesus was able to pass right through them and continue spreading the Good News.

My take away from this passage is to do good work, but not just for those that are just like me. Spread the good work to others. It doesn’t have to be the entire world, but perhaps into another community or even your neighbor. 

Jessica Spivey