Day 24

Read Matthew 4:23-25 and Matthew 8:2-4, 14-17.

Devotion by: Matthew Dargan
Teaching and Healing

Jesus didn't come to make condescending speeches or to be on a power trip. He came to be one of us, not for a sympathetic, one-day visit of a prince among his people, but to live with all of life’s pain and suffering. And by overcoming death, He empowered us to overcome as well. Today's verses describe some of the healing incidents during the early days of Jesus' ministry on earth. Jesus intentionally began His ministry in Galilee of the Gentiles, among the poor, to bring Light to those walking in darkness.

Several things stand out to me and make me question whether I am prepared to die to my selfish comforts, fears, apathy, busy-ness, and unwillingness to be "bothered by others' problems," so I can truly be like Jesus toward others.

  1. Jesus cared about each person individually. Even though the crowds grew larger and kept coming, Jesus took time with each person.

  2. Although Jesus often healed by just speaking a word, He was more than willing to touch people. Jesus associated with and touched many of the persons He encountered, those that had contagious diseases, foreigners and outcasts.

  3. Jesus continued to minister to people even when it was late, and He was tired.

  4. Jesus didn't heal people from a dispassionate coldness. Every healing miracle of Jesus was a foreshadowing of the ultimate healing He would bring to all people through His sacrificial death on the cross and resurrection!

So then, brothers and sisters, let us cry out and cling to our Healer and Savior, for He longs to touch us and bear our pain and suffering, and to bless us with His ultimate healing! In turn, let us be His healing hands and voice to the hurting people all around us so they can also experience His healing and hope!

Jessica Spivey