Day 3

Read Luke 1:1-38.

Devotion by: Diane Barber
Births of John/Jesus Foretold

And they were both righteous before God,

walking in all the commandments and

ordinances of the Lord blameless.

Luke 1:6

This is quite a thing to have said about you! Zechariah and Elizabeth were devout Jews, obedient to the law and the Word of God. Maybe, because of their obedience, God decided to use them for great things. God can use all sorts of people, but it seems that the people He uses the most are those who are faithful to Him. Sometimes, it’s our sins holding God back from doing something great in our lives. But Zechariah and Elizabeth were ready to be used by God for they lived blameless before Him. Can this be said about me?  Do those I encounter see me living an obedient life to God? Am I faithful to His word?  Am I ready to be used by God because I live blameless before Him? Am I grounded in the Word of God so much so that when I hear from Him, I know without a doubt that it is God speaking to me?  If I don’t know His voice, how am I even aware that He wants to answer my prayer or use me to glorify Him?  Do I realize that God’s answers to prayer are not always to give me what I want but to fulfill his promises? I want to be in a position of obedience to hear from God.  God does speak directly to my heart, but mostly He teaches me through the stories in His Bible. I want to know God so well that when I speak, I’m speaking His words and thoughts. When friends ask for advice, I want to be so full of God’s wisdom that the only advice I will know would be from His scripture.  I want to be so connected to God that living a blameless life before Him is not just an act, but simply the way I breathe.  Not a legalistic attitude, but to know Him so well that I know what He wants me to do in every situation. I want to live my life in a way that glorifies God in all that I do so others will see what He has done and continues to do for me and be drawn to His spirit that lives within me.  I can only do that if I know God personally and I can only know God personally if I spend time with Him.  No excuses.

Jessica Spivey