Week 4 Recap: Days 19-24

Devotion by: Keith Harcombe

John 3:22-4:3

Jesus Christ must become greater in our life. If our life is not pointing to this, our existence will amount to nothing. Our lives must point to when we see “Heaven on earth.”

John 4:4-42

God must be worshiped in spirit and truth, not as a way to fulfill rituals, rules, and regulations. At Jacob’s well is where everything meets - every town, every culture, every road. And this is where we hear Jesus speak into our midst, into our history, and where He begins to move within our baggage.

 John 4:43-54

 Some of that baggage is where we come from, our “hometown.” It is the hardest place to minister. For example, my father and brother would tease me when I returned home after I had decided to follow Christ. It might have been fun for them, butit really hurt me, and this verse was ringing around my head as they laughed. The Holy Spirit empowers us to do so much more. We see this when Jesus returned to Galilee, a place ripe for ministering to, and his fame spread because of how the Holy Spirit was at work in and through Him.  

Luke 4:13-30

People often try to define us with characteristics, such as a geographical location, the color of our skin, even our last name. When people called Jesus “Joseph’s son” in Luke 4:22, they were defining Jesus as “the carpenter’s son.” They thought gracious words and works could not come from Him. This passage also references the Old Testament foreigners that supposedly were not welcome and certainly not regarded as people to be taken care of. There was also a widow at Zarephath, whose son Elijah had healed. Jesus doesn’t give us a definite answer to the age-old question of who gets the healing miracle apart from the truth that there were many who had leprosy and yet only Naaman was healed. The overall message was that the people who walk in darkness will see a great light!

Matthew 4:18-22

The boys/men left their boats/nets because they had heard the voice of the Master/Messiah.  When we truly hear the voice of Jesus, when we truly recognize who He is to us personally, then we go as fast as we can and follow in all the ways we can. 

Mark 1:21-45

Jesus healed many different people from a plethora of different diseases and ailments. He healed whenever he could, even three times on the Sabbath. Even still, He always tried to retreat and find isolated places to pray. 

The overarching message for this week is that no matter where you are from, what your last name may be, you can proclaim the good news with your story. People will be healed, and people will see a great light. Thisis all done through running after Jesus. And this must involve retreating to spaces where you can hear from God. 

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Jessica Spivey