Day 7

Read Luke 2:8-21

Devotion by: Spring Vesper
Visit of Shepherds (Night of Jesus’ birth)

What a celebration! Jesus, God’s one and only Son was born! How excited were you when your first child, grandchild, brother/sister, or niece/nephew was born? I was so excited when my first-born arrived! Overwhelmed with love, I couldn’t wait to share him with all my friends and family! 

The excitement was nothing compared to what God was feeling. He not only sent one angel to share the exciting news but the armies of Heaven. That means tons of angels! How beautiful all the voices of praise must have been. 

God gave us his perfect Son so that we could be restored to a relationship with Him. Have you accepted and received his wonderful gift? Have you experienced the peace on earth He offers us? There has been nothing on earth compared to the overwhelming feeling I had as a new Christian knowing I belonged to God‘s family. The shepherds were so moved by Jesus and what God had done, they continued glorifying and praising Him as they returned back to their work. Willyou continue to glorify and praise God this Christmas season and beyond?

Jessica Spivey