Week 1 Recap: Days 1-6

Devotion by: Cheryl Jackson

In this set of passages, we see that Jesus was present with God in the beginning and through the time of His birth. We see that several people, including Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, and Joseph, were confused and bewildered regarding what God said to them. They were viewing circumstances within their limited human perspective, and God views circumstances from a kingdom/eternal perspective. In the end, each person trusted God and proceeded by faith to follow Him.

When my daughter was five or six years old, every night was a battle when it was time for her to brush her teeth. She made every argument possible not to brush her teeth: she didn’t like the taste, she was much too busy playing, she did not need to do it! This ritual made no sense to her at all! But, with my “Mom” perspective, I knew the reasons to brush her teeth: fighting cavities, healthy gums, etc. I am reminded how quick I am to argue with God from my limited human view when, in reality, He has the bigger and complete picture. He knows all and what is best for me in all circumstances, even when I am so limited.

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Jessica Spivey