Day 37

Read Luke 11:37-54

Devotion by: Daniel Partridge
Pharisaism Exposed and Denounced

Imagine someone you invited over to your home who came in without following any of the normal protocols. When asked to follow the customs of your home, this person reprimands you. This is basically what Jesus did when He was invited to the Pharisees’ home, except that he also ignored their religious customs. Jesus berated the Pharisees for putting themselves up on a pedestal and having little concern for others. Jesus reminds them, and us that our titles and status do not make us better or more worthy than others. We are all human and should care and have compassion for one another.

Lord, open our hearts to be to be concerned for more than just our outward appearance. Help us to be open to others and open our hearts to theirs. Amen.

Jessica Spivey