Day 41

Read Luke 12:49-59.

Devotion by: Eva Hoopes
Jesus the Divider

This passage reminds me of the Lords' great faithfulness, His truthfulness, His directness, His nearness, His perfect timing and so much more.

Here, Jesus lets us know that following Him will not be easy. We should not expect life to be a bed of roses. We should not be surprised when we are not received with kind words, even from family members. Jesus is telling us we should prepare ourselves for adversity and to be ready to make some hard choices that do not always seem right in the eyes of others.

When my husband and I told our families that we would be moving overseas to work as non-paid missionaries, many thought we were crazy! To uproot our four young children and move, sight unseen, to a country whose language we didn’t know, was unheard of in our family circle. The decision to leave the family, including our aging parents, was not an easy one, but rather, one we knew would be costly.

Entrusting God to take care of our family on both sides of the ocean was a step by step process. As time went on, we saw God’s faithful hand drawing our children closer to Himself and into opportunities for ministry. After some years, in His goodness, He brought us home in time to walk beside our parents once again until their days on earth were finished. Proving that His ways are higher than our ways, God led our oldest daughter into an intercultural marriage. Our family is, in a sense, "split apart" (vs. 53) as she still lives and serves the Lord in the country to which we were called. Though my mother’s heart hurts with missing her (and her family), I know that God is touching many hearts and lives because she is there, more than twenty years already.

Each of us, when we decide to follow the Lord, must be willing also to carry a cross and pray the prayer, "Not my will but Yours be done, Oh Lord," for God’s ways are so much higher than ours.

Jessica Spivey