Day 42

Read Luke 13:1-9.

Devotion by: Jack Boston
Call to Repentance

In this passage, Jesus explains impending judgment and allows a glimpse of hope for those who are willing to repent. Jesus compared those who died in Galilee and Siloam to those who refuse to repent. And, then He told a parable, which uses a fig tree to teach about repentance.

A man plants a fig tree, which represents God’s people. The man came to the garden for over three years but was always disappointed when he saw no fruit on the fig tree. Sort of like how God sees His people who don’t repent of the sins they commit. So the man says to cut down the fig tree because it hasn't grown a single fruit in three years, and it’s just wasting space in the garden. We can see that Jesus is warning His listeners of judgment for unrepented sin. The gardener tells the man to give the tree one more year, giving it special attention and plenty of fertilizer, to see if it will grow. If it doesn’t, then they’ll cut it down. This parable is a picture of God’s mercy in spite of human sinfulness. Jesus urged his listeners and us to repent while there is still time.

Jessica Spivey