Day 44

Read Mark 5:1-21.

Devotion by: Todd Dunkle
Gerasene Demoniac

Jesus traveled through a storm across a sea to help a lost, tormented, demon possessed soul. What strikes me as I read the story of this Gerasene man, is that the man, possessed by many demons, comes running to Jesus and not from Jesus. And while the demons inside him beg and shriek in fear, the man bows low before Jesus.

Doesn’t my sinful nature fear Jesus? Are not my sins “legion”? Lord, like this man full of demons I too have a long history with sin. I still carry my sins with me. They still cause pain and scars. But Father, you love me. You can send my sins away. Lord, may every single person who is battling their demons bow down and have an encounter with you that they may forever be restored!

Jessica Spivey