Day 46

Read Mark 5:22-43.

Devotion by: Sean Gallagher
Jairus’ Daughter Restored to Life and a Woman with Issue of Blood

What does the word “rebellion” make you think of, maybe Star Wars or Punk Rock?

Rebellions are meant to go against the status quo. During Jesus’ time, following the religious authority was the status quo. People were commanded to blindly follow what the religious leaders—Pharisees—had taught were God’s laws. God’s people were as far from God as they could be. Jesus and his followers were rebelling against this status quo, showing the world that there is more to life than what they knew, that God has a bigger plan for us.

The religious leaders resented Jesus for this. Synagogue leaders like Jarius, the man from today’s reading, would have been pressured to resist Jesus. And yet here we are, Jarius was at a crossroads in his life. And he took a risk by turning to Jesus for help. He took a step of faith, and he was rewarded!

The story is also about a woman approaching Jesus. At first glance, the only similarity between the two characters’ stories is that they happen in the same place. But there’s more to it than that! When Jesus walked through the crowd, past the bleeding woman, she reached through the people to touch him. According to Jewish law, this would have made Jesus unclean in God’s eyes. (How ironic!) But she reached out in faith and was rewarded!

Are you willing to be a rebel? Are you willing to step out in faith, to get closer to Jesus, and receive his blessings?

Jessica Spivey