Day 48

Read Mark 6:1-6.

Devotion by: Sherrie Leatherwood
Without Honor in His Own House

What’s so amazing about Jesus is His consistency, no matter what the circumstances. He consistently comes alongside people offering insight, wisdom, and grace. Jesus models, for those paying attention, intentional focus, clarity, wisdom, grace, and understanding of the human condition. Embracing curiosity, doubt, and pride, Jesus leans in to welcome questions of those in His hometown. He clearly understands that honor, as well as dishonor, will be part of the equation. Prejudices, lack of acceptance, familiarity and inferiority are realities familiar to Jesus, yet He remains steadfast, doing good, rather than falling into the slights by those taking offense at Him.

At a glance, it’s as if the unbelief of those religious leaders present tied the hands of Jesus, perhaps forfeiting Jesus’ honor for their honor. As a result, the religious leaders missed their encounter with Jesus the Messiah and exchanged it for Jesus, the ordinary carpenter. It was their choice, not His. However, Jesus remains consistent. He is ready to heal and does. His return of love in the face of rejection is consistent regardless of the people’s response. Unbelief and rejection do not change Jesus, but rather they limit the work of God in the leaders’ souls. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is always consistent, He never changes. You can count on his unfailing love reaching out to you with the power to help. He is as eager to perform miracles today as He did on that day.

Jessica Spivey