Day 28

Read Mark 3:13-19.

Devotion by: Emily DeVries
Twelve Chosen

I don't know about you, but sometimes in Scripture, I see a list of names that I am certain I can't pronounce and I skim quickly over them. In today’s passage, we see the list of names of the disciples Jesus chose to accompany Him during his time in ministry on earth. There are two striking things about this passage for me. The first is the parentheses. The writer chooses to explain who these men are for the benefit of the readers. Some are identified by who their parents are, others by Jesus' nickname for them, and one is identified by his betrayal of Jesus. What would my parentheses say? I want to live my life so others say Emily (the one who loves Jesus).

The second thing that struck me when I read this Scripture is the list of people He chose. Among them are four fishermen, a tax collector, an anarchist, and a thief. Jesus chose these particular men to be his closest companions for the last three years of His life and ministry. He picked them to join Him in His work. In the same way, Jesus chooses each of us. He selects each of us to join Him in doing His work. We are not qualified because of our professions, education, or experience. We are simply qualified because Jesus picked us to do the work. Today, I am so thankful He picked you and me!

Jessica Spivey