Day 52

Read Matthew 14:22-36.

Devotion by: Deborah and Colby Brooks
Walking on the Sea

The storms of life are inevitable. In nature, a powerful storm will often change or alter the landscape in some way. In the same way, walking through a challenging time can vastly alter the direction of our life.

When difficulties arise, I often want to call out to God and ask why I am being challenged in this manner if I am doing what He has asked of me, then why I am I being tested in this way. Often falling short in my faith or understanding of His ways, I might believe that because I am a Christian that I will have no problems in my life. The fact is that even if I am where God wants me to be, storms can and will often arise to teach me something or help me to mature and grow closer to God and lean into my faith instead of relying on my human ways.

God uses different ways to alter and equip us, and some of us need a stronger storm in our lives to change or alter our direction. What is our tendency at those times though? Do we lean into God and trust and believe that He has us? Do we continue to look up to the Lord even when we are assaulted by the storms around us?

God, I pray that you use the storms in my life to draw me closer and closer to you.

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Jessica Spivey