Day 29

Read Matthew 8:1 and 8:5-13.

Devotion by: Dave Hagan
Centurion’s Servant Healed/A Young Man Raised

A man and woman were discussing the existence of God. The man said that there was no God and said he had proved it to himself long ago. He told a story of having been lost on foot in a blizzard in Alaska. He said that, in spite of his disbelief, he had stopped and prayed that God would save him. However, he says, God never showed up. In response to the story, the woman said, “But yet you’re here, and you did not die in the blizzard.” The man replied, “Oh yeah, an Eskimo showed up out of nowhere and got me into town.”

Now, what does that story have to do with the Scripture in Matthew 8:5-13? The Scripture is about a centurion, a Roman soldier, who approaches Jesus, asking Him to cure a valued servant. Jesus agrees to come, but the centurion says he does not feel worthy enough to have Jesus come Himself. He understands that Jesus could just exert His authority and cure his servant by making a command. This is what the centurion would do with those under his command. Jesus and the others marvel at his faith, and the servant Jesus cures the servant from afar.

The remarkable thing about the centurion’s faith is that the centurion represented the pagan Roman occupying force. He was a Gentile, and he was the enemy. Yet, this man had shown greater faith than the Jewish elite who, time and again, had denied the deity of Jesus.

Again, what does this have to do with Eskimos? Jesus can perform miracles in person or, probably most often, by sending His representatives. Sometimes Jesus calls us to be His representative in completing a miracle. Sometimes we are the recipient of a miracle delivered through someone else. Be ready to be called by Jesus to be a miracle for someone. Be ready to receive a miracle from Jesus delivered by someone else. Be ready to recognize the Eskimo sent by God. Be ready to be the Eskimo. Be ready.

Jessica Spivey