Week 5 Recap: Days 25-30

Devotion by: Austin Slade

This week was an extraordinary week in the life of Jesus! We saw Jesus deal with everything from healing the unhealable, to proving He was who He claimed He was and even how He chose His twelve closest friends here during His earthly ministry. Each of these passages inspires me and teaches me more about who Jesus is and how He cares for our specific needs. However, the thing that inspired me the most about this week was the story about Jesus healing the sick man at the pool of Bethesda. Once Jesus healed this man, the religious leaders accused Him of breaking their human-made laws and began to harass Him. Jesus then responded with a simple sentence, not attacking them, but challenging their beliefs. He said, “My Father is always working, and so am I.” What a powerful statement! 

What I see in this story and throughout the week is that the people of that day had put God into a box. They said God could only work in a certain way and that any other way was heretical or basic wrong doing. A lot of times, we put God in boxes in our own lives. Even in my personal life, I find myself putting God into these boxes, andultimately I limit His power in my life. But the way Jesus responded with such grace and truth still blows my mind, because if it were left up to me, I would have responded so differently! Instead, He responded in a way that challenged the everyday norm of society and made them think about who He reallyis. God still does the same thing to us today! When we place God in these boxes, we never get to experience Him in the way He wants us to. God shows me through this week’s passages that He is the God of the impossible! He created life and everything we see around us. He is bigger than our boxes we put Him in. He wants us to live the fullest life possible with Him! When we expect God to move in a certain way, He often moves in ways unimaginable to us and leaves us looking up in awe and wonder of His true power!

This week, I challenge you to take a step back and ask yourself, “What boxes have I put God into?” Ask God to show you His true power and break down the constructs you have placed on Him. I find that whenever I ask God to show me His true power, I am always blown away and amazed at how He reveals more and more of His character to me.

Prayer: Father, you are all-powerful, and all authority in Heaven and Earth belongs to you. You are the God of the impossible things in life, andyou move in ways we can’t even imagine. Jesus, forgive me for the boxes I constantly put You in! Break down these boxes. Help me to believe in Your true power and strength above all else. Thank You for loving me and caring for me, even though I do not deserve it. Move in my life this week any wayYou see fit, Father. I love you. In Jesus’ Holy, powerful name I pray all these things, Amen.

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Jessica Spivey