Day 31

Read Matthew 11:20-30.

Devotion by: Sean Gallagher
Jesus Denounces the Cities

Jesus starts off this passage with some big-time threats against the people who had witnessed His miracles. These people had seen Him do amazing things! And yet, here they were rejecting Him and refusing to repent of their sins. The people remained cynical and skeptical because Jesus challenged their comfortable lives. They weren’t interested in what Jesus offered, because it meant changing their worldview. Following God means changing the way we live!

Jesus was proving His identity as God’s son and trying to reveal the nature of God to the world. But if the people who saw it firsthand rejected Him, what hope was there for those who hadn’t seen? What hope is there today for the people who don’t know Jesus? What hope do they have of ever coming to know God?

God has revealed Himself to you and me through Jesus, through His Word, and through His Holy Spirit. Our response should be to tell the world, to help others come to know God, to invite them to share His yoke, the yoke that promises love, healing, and peace.

You’ve seen Jesus. Now, will you be one to reject Him, or will you share His yoke and join in the work to spread Gospel with those who haven’t yet seen?

Jessica Spivey