Day 32

Read Luke 7:36-8:3.

Devotion by: Ginny Coffey
Penitent Woman

Hear me, oh Lord, my humble prayer
May my heart be full of you, and my mind be empty of me
Let my eyes rest only on you and my head bow only to Your feet.

Strip me down, oh Lord, until there is nothing left
And forgive me, for I only know how to give treasures that fade
For I am arrogant and desperately afraid.

Anoint me, oh Lord, with Your forgiveness and Your grace
For I am a peasant without a home except for a tomb
And so I offer you my alabaster jar filled with my best perfume.

Continue to teach me, oh Lord, to free my heart to You completely
For in my feeble attempts of total surrender
You wipe the tears from my eyes as they spill to your feet ever so tender.

Jessica Spivey