Day 55

Read Mark 7:24-31.

Devotion by: Lara McCay
Syrophoenician Woman

Jesus was trying to keep secret where He was staying, and this Greek woman, who was not a believer, sought Jesus out, found Him, and fell at His feet, desperate for her daughter to be healed. She probably heard all about Jesus and knew He could heal her daughter. She could not stand to see her daughter tormented for another day. So, she took a chance. Even though she was a Gentile and a woman, she sought healing from Jesus. Then Jesus started talking about food, children, and dogs. What?! I would have asked Him, “Why are you talking about feeding children and dogs when all I want is for you to heal my daughter?” But this mom was wise in her answer. She said she would take a small scrap of what He was offering to the Jews. Even though Jesus’ “food” was then offered to the Jews, it is now available to everyone. We no longer have to take the scraps, the seconds or the leftovers. Jesus has invited us all to His table. All you have to do is pull up a chair.

When was the last time you were desperate for Jesus to do something in your life? How did you seek Him?

Jessica Spivey