Day 64

Read John 7:10-52.

Devotion by: Lynne Fukutani
Feast of Tabernacles

What is it about Jesus that makes people resist Him? He loves beyond human comprehension. He is the creator of everything. And, He gave His life for ours. Why is it then that He’s not universally loved by us?

We could lift the scene where the Pharisees are debating Jesus’ identity from the pages of Scripture and drop it right here in Tampa 2018. The debate about Jesus rages on and makes me wonder why people resist Jesus. I can understand the Pharisees’ point of view—their entire social, political and economic structure would be flipped on its head because Jesus would eliminate the people’s dependence on Jewish authorities. But what’s the downside for people today?

And, for Christians today, why is it a courageous act to speak favorably about Jesus in public? What would our lives be like without Him? We’d be lost and hopeless. So, boldly speak up, brothers and sisters. Be as proud of following Jesus as He is of leading you.

Jessica Spivey