Day 67

Read Luke 10:1-24.

Devotion by: Kim Pacheco
Mission of the 72

Have you ever sought after a job and just felt that it was the right place for you. You felt that this job was not necessarily something you were doing for a paycheck, but it was a true “calling” from God? Have you ever felt that you were in the right place at the right time? Have you ever considered that Jesus had placed you in that place for a purpose? Jesus knows who disciples are; He called every one of us to lead others to know Him. Through our stories, we are given a platform to not tell about ourselves, but to tell what God has done in our lives.

Mike Weaver, guitarist and lead vocalist from Christian Rock band Big Daddy Weave discusses the motivation behind the song “My Story”; he states, “When the world sees people having an encounter with God, that's when it starts to look like God in us. When you look at the stories of people in Scripture, all of the patriarchs are all people who walked into an encounter with God. Moses and the burning bush, or Paul on his way to Damascus-- they have encounters with Almighty God. Paul encountered Jesus Himself. Those encounters began to show God working through them. That's the power of our stories.”

If I told you my story
You would hear victory over the enemy
If told you my story
You would hear freedom that was won for me
If I told you my story
You would hear life overcome the grave
If I should speak then let it be
This is my story, this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long
Lyrics to “My Story,” Big Daddy Weave

What story will you share today?

Jessica Spivey