Day 71

Read John 10:1-18.

Devotion by: Harry Fukutani
Good Shepherd

I have a dog. She’s a 9-year-old, 7-pound Bichon Frise. My daughter named her Clementine. Clementine is all white with curly hair and is often mistaken for a puppy because of her size. Everyone from toddlers to seniors love her. She used to sleep in a crate but she cried, and I felt sorry for her, so she shares our bed now. When I come home, open the door, and call her, she comes running with her whole-body wagging and yes, smiling. Just like when Jesus says the sheep follow Him because they know His voice, Clementine knows my voice well.

Clementine spends all her time being close to me as possible. I know God would be pleased if we all had Clementine’s attitude to be as close to Him as possible. When Clementine and I are out for our walk, and she gets frightened by something, she will put herself right between my legs for protection. Jesus says “I am the gate.” When we get to know the voice of Jesus, we can run to Him to protect us better than my legs protect Clementine.

We need to know the voice of Jesus so well that we do not follow the robber Jesus warns us about in John 10:1. When we hear or see something not of Jesus, we need to be able to discern, “No, that is not the voice of Jesus.” So, we read the Word, pray, repent of our sins, grow in love, all so we get to know His voice.

Jessica Spivey