Week 12 Recap: Days 67-72

Devotion by: Bill Atkinson

Oh to have been selected as one of the 72 disciples – to hear Jesus call us by name to go and then to go and do and see the miracles that God would do through us. Jesus is still calling me and you by name! He is ready to change lives through us as we trust His voice and His directions. Miracles and eternity hang in the balance for so many, if we will go as the 72 disciples did!

Oh to be able to sit at Jesus’ feet and to listen to His teachings. Do we (even in the church) get so busy with to do lists of good things that we miss just being in His presence, experiencing Him, allowing those moments to hear Him speak our name and to share His love and message to us?

Oh to have seen the blind man receive Jesus’ gift of sight and to hear him boldly telling others about Jesus. Do we miss miracles in our own lives or in the lives of others because we can’t explain them? Jesus is the light of the world, shining brightly. Will we open our spiritual eyes to see and believe?

Jesus continued to declare that He was doing miracles at His Father’s direction and that they were one. Do we continue to point to God as the One who works in our lives and provides our joy? Or do we at times claim credit? Do we listen to His voice? Do we know Him as He knows us? Do we follow Him?

Jesus calls our names, and we recognize His voice, follow His lead and know His death protects us. Have we heard Jesus call our name? When life gets scary, do we rest in knowing Jesus holds our future securely in His hands?

Jesus taught His disciples to keep on asking for good things: to ask, seek and knock. Do we at times accept the circumstances in our lives or those around us forgetting that Jesus waits to hear our heart’s desires for His miracles to be released? For our world to experience His touch, often through us?

Father, remind us that You want to walk with us, to lead us, to heal our blindness, to protect us, and to respond to the requests from our hearts. We love you!

Jessica Spivey