Day 73

Read Luke 13:10-17 and Luke 14:1-6.

Devotion by: Keith Lamoy
Another Cure on the Sabbath

These passages are beautiful because they display that God isn’t focused on upholding the old laws. He sent Jesus to create a new way, and this demonstrates the new way. Instead of resting on the Sabbath Jesus heals people. He gave these people hope when they were in situations where they should have been hopeless. God came through when the old ways said He shouldn’t have. The experts of the religious law tried to box up when Jesus could do miracles, and sometimes I feel I can do the same thing. We can look at this passage and take away how awesome God is and how good He is to His people. We can also take away how we shouldn’t be caught up on rules and limit who God is and what He can do.

Jessica Spivey