Day 74

Read Luke 13:18-35.

Devotion by: Bev Carbert
Narrow Door

In verse 24 Jesus encourages us to “Work hard to enter the narrow door to God’s Kingdom, for many will try to enter but will fail.” Earlier in the passage, Jesus provided a glimpse through that gate (door) into the kingdom of God. He describes it as something powerful that emerges from a simple beginning (a mustard seed or a little yeast). It is up to us to make an effort to step through the door. This door is open to all of us – for the present time.

Jesus describes himself as a door, the only way into God’s eternal kingdom. Why is it hard to pass through this doorway? We know that this particular door is narrow; we might easily miss it because of the grandiose structure surrounding it. Perhaps other doors draw us in with a broad expanse of earthly treasures that provide easier and more immediate satisfaction. We see that this little door isn’t big enough to drag our ‘stuff’ through and we are afraid to enter into something we can’t quite see and comprehend. Perhaps we think that this narrow door will always be there – for a future time.

In verse 25 Jesus reminds us that doors close. Doors are locked. And knocking and pleading won’t be enough to reopen this narrow door. The opportunity to enter God’s Kingdom could close, and no amount of lamenting will ever make a difference. It is clear that this door will ultimately only open to those who know Jesus, and to whom He knows. The narrow door of salvation is God’s gift to us – for the present and future times!

Our relationship with Christ can take us through the narrow door. On the other side, Jesus shelters us from the worthlessness present in our world. Once we get past the discomfort of squeezing through the narrow opening, we will find ourselves in a welcoming refuge – for all time.

Jessica Spivey