Day 75

Read Luke 14:7-14.

Devotion by: Whitney Miller
Lesson for Guests and Hosts

In this passage, Jesus confronts us with a challenge: to live a life of surpassing humility and generosity. Like the wedding guest, God asks us to position ourselves in the most humble spot in the room. We are to regard ourselves as far lower than what may be expected of us. Like the host, God asks us to show hospitality, even to those who have no way of returning the favor. When we feel like we’re being humble and giving, He wants us to take it even one step further.

God wants to bless us! He doesn’t call us to humble ourselves, to go forever unseen. God wants us to humble ourselves, so He can be the One to lift us up. He doesn’t call us to give without expectation of a reward. He calls us to give so that we can receive the best reward. He wants us to give to the needy so that He can return the favor. When we do these things, we open ourselves up to a heavenly transaction where we are always on the better end of the deal. So let’s humble ourselves and let’s give in a way that God wants to reward.

Jessica Spivey