Week 9 Recap: Days 49-54

Devotion by: Jon Michael Richardson

From Popularity to Opposition

There is comfort in the rhythm of Jesus’ life. Not because His life was easy, just the opposite. It is comforting to me to see how what we would consider the highlights of Jesus’ ministry, feeding thousands from nothing and walking on water are followed by what scholars have described as Jesus’ “Year of Opposition.” So often I get trapped in longing for the highlights, the good stuff, and the glory, that I assume God can’t possibly be there in the valley.

Throughout this week, Jesus tells us “The Kingdom of Heaven is…” For me, it’s a reminder of what that truly means. The Kingdom of Heaven is the sheep finding their shepherd. It’s the sick finding healing. It’s the hungry finding food. The Kingdom of God is not about the highlights; it’s about the King.

This week is a reminder that the Kingdom of God is near even when the popularity fades. Remember, the idea of this Kingdom being “near” does not refer to a distant time, but to now. The Kingdom of God is in our hearts when we submit to Him. He reigns over that kingdom. As a follower of Jesus Christ, that Kingdom and King are never far. So when it feels like your popularity is fading and the opposition has come, remember the Kingdom of God is near!

“I Am With You”
By Annie Johnson Flint

But here is comfort - "I am with you always
The Faithful and the True
And I will never leave thee nor forsake thee,
The long, hard journey through,"
For Jesus Christ is present help and refuge,
Not far, but very near;
Our Light, our Guide, our Shepherd, our Consoler,
A Saviour Who is here.

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Jessica Spivey