Day 59

Read Matthew 17:1-13.

Devotion by: The Brigner Family

This vision of Jesus is a glimpse of heaven. The magnificent beauty of Jesus’ shining face and His beautiful white clothes, what a wonderful picture! Seeing Jesus for the first time in all of His holy light is a sight we cannot miss! It makes a person long for heaven with Jesus someday!

The appearance of Moses and Elijah was surely a surprise and scary to Peter, James, and John. It’s wonderful to know that Jesus is willing to reach down and tell us, “Do not be afraid,” when we get scared in different situations. The disciples didn’t understand where Moses and Elijah came from or why a voice was speaking from above, but Jesus was with them. They didn’t understand what was going to happen with Jesus, the Messiah. But, what an awesome reminder that Jesus is always with us, even when we don’t understand why things are happening. Sometimes when people first hear about Jesus, they see Him as someone who has sacrificed for us. But when we believe in Him, we fully experience His power and glory, and we trust Him with all that we do not understand.

Jessica Spivey