Day 77

Read Luke 17:1-10.

Devotion by: Ginny Coffey
Forgiveness and Faith

What is a mustard seed?

A mustard seed is a small seed that is usually about 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter. It looks insignificant. When it is planted in good soil, this tiny seed grows and becomes a weed and then continues to grow into a giant tree. As a weed, it is vine-like and will intertwine with other weeds. It begins to take over aggressively. During the time that Jesus walked the earth, it was illegal by Jewish law to plant a mustard seed in a garden because once planted it would choke out other plants, invade and take over the garden.

God teaches me in Luke 17 that if I have faith as small as a mustard seed I can, with my words, uproot a mulberry tree. This seems daunting and sounds impossible. Can my faith heal my mother’s dementia? Can my feeble attempt at belief change the outcome of a dying marriage? Can my incessant prayer curtail the pain experienced from debilitating depression?

So what about that mustard seed? What makes this tiny little nothing of a seed grow into a magnificent tree? Good soil! The seed must be planted. My seemingly insignificant faith must be planted. Planted in Jesus. Planted in His Kingdom.

I have experienced the gift of an abundant harvest as I have journeyed alongside my courageous mother and her dementia. My mom, for the past eight years, has declined into a small, frail, feeble-minded woman. It has been profoundly sad to watch, and I still cry most days as I attempt to intimately walk alongside her. BUT that seed…the seed of faith is planted in the promises of who God is in this circumstance. He grows and grows and grows my faith. He grows it when He whispers in my ear, “I have her. She belongs to me. Your job is to simply love her.” He grows it when decisions that are too overwhelming to make in another’s person behalf, effortlessly unfold into seamless beautifully executed plans. He grows it when I feel I have nothing left and He walks with me into her room holding my hand teaching me, how to meet my beloved mom exactly where she is.

How will you plant your mustard seed?

Jessica Spivey