Day 85

Read Mark 10:32-45.

Devotion by: Julia Slater
On the Way to Jerusalem

This passage depicts the relationship between a perfect God and His imperfect people. As Jesus is telling His disciples exactly what is about to take place, James and John proceed to ask to be given a place of honor. Jesus responds to this by saying that the true leader among them is called to be a servant.

The disciples’ reaction shows that they wanted to live as the first, greatest, or best. Even today, many of us know about Jesus’ death and servant’s love for us, and we still live in a “me first” mindset. This mindset can work its way into our schools, workplaces, and relationships.

As you read this passage, what did you notice about the character of Jesus? The character of the disciples? Were you shocked by the response of the disciples? Have you noticed a “me first” attitude in your life and relationships? How can you work to change this attitude to become a servant leader?

Jessica Spivey