Day 86

Read Mark 10:46-52.

Devotion by: Ben Meiner
Blind Bartimaeus Cured

The story of Bartimaeus is memorable because of the physical healing that took place, but it is as much about the miraculous healing of his spirit. Not only was his physical sight restored, but his spiritual “eyes” were also opened. Bartimaeus came to Jesus in his time of need. He did not miss his chance. He jumped up and stood in front of a crowd of witnesses, many of whom had never accepted him or likely even taken notice of his need. In that time the lame and physically impaired were reduced to beggars and scorned by the whole of society. Jesus is different. He stopped what He was doing and asked that Bartimaeus be brought to Him and asked, “What is it that you want Me to do for you?”

This act of humility directly followed the disciples, James and John, asking for positions of honor in Jesus’ kingdom. Jesus gave them a concrete example of servanthood. In His kingdom, the last are first, and everyone is worth saving. All it took was the proclamation that Jesus was the “Son of David,” the awaited Messiah. This step of faith opened Bartimaeus up to the healing and salvation of a loving God who meets people where they are. Jesus never tires of caring for His children and showering them with His love.

The love of Jesus compels us to follow Him. Bartimaeus followed Jesus down the road after a simple act of compassion changed the course of his life. How will you show servant love to those around you today?

Jessica Spivey