Day 87

Read Luke 19:1-10.

Devotion by: Chase Randolph
Zacchaeus the Publican

Even a rich man like Zacchaeus went to see Jesus like he was seeking more in his life than just money and objects. So, when you seek Jesus and go to great lengths to see Him, Jesus will be happy with your effort to be closer to Him. I wonder what it would be like if Jesus was next to me, in person, in my prayer corner. Jesus loves spending time with us. He’s pleased when we pursue the opportunity to spend time with Him.

Like Zacchaeus’ experience, being judged by other Jews, sometimes other Christians judge us, thinking we aren’t good enough to follow Jesus. They seem to forget that we all have sinned.

Zacchaeus promises to change his financial dealings in response to Jesus’ visit. In this classic repentance story, Jesus sees Zacchaeus’ heart and regret for wronging his people by over-taxing them to make himself rich. Jesus sees that Zacchaeus knows he has done wrong, forgives him and gives him salvation.

Jessica Spivey