Day 91

Read John 2:13-25.

Devotion by: Sean Gallagher
Cleansing of the Temple

At the time of writing this, we’ve just finished an extensive cleaning project on the church campus. Man, do we collect a lot of stuff over time! The same is probably true for you in your own home. If we aren’t careful to keep track of our spaces, and what we keep in them, we can find ourselves overwhelmed by it all!

Our verses today tell of a time when Jesus went to the Temple and found that the people selling animals for sacrifices, and those helping travelers exchange money were cheating others for profit! They weren’t being honest and had turned God’s house—a place of worship, prayer, and community—into “a den of thieves”! Jesus trashed the place and threw those people out. It was important to Him that the Temple remained a holy place. Those people probably didn’t start out with evil intentions, but over time, things ended up the way we find them in today’s passage.

As Christians, we are the Temple. Christ’s Spirit lives within us, and we should keep ourselves holy and set apart for Him. We were bought for a high price by our Savior. What we do with our bodies not only affects us but affects the whole body of Christ.

We all have bad habits. As Christians, we do what we can to cleanse ourselves of them, to become more like Christ; but we can also find ourselves becoming prideful, thinking we know what’s best for others. If we aren’t careful, we can end up looking more like the “den of thieves” than like the body of Christ.

Let this remind you to take some time to check on the status of your “temple.” Make sure there isn’t anything keeping you from worshiping the Lord or being an effective witness of His Kingdom here on earth. Clean yourself of the bad or distracting habits and make more room for Christ.

Jessica Spivey