Day 78

Read John 11:1-46.

Devotion by: Sherrie Leatherwood
Lazarus Raised from the Dead

You and I can find many opportunities in these verses to be moved deeply by emotions that are familiar. Perhaps we would identify with the characters in the Scripture in their frustration, anger, dismay, desperation, uncertainty, doubt and frustration. For each of us, that emotion will be what’s most important to us at the moment. Imagine Jesus, sitting still with you, weeping, alongside you, as He did. The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit longs to invade the depth of your heart, grief, and loss. Jesus identifies with you in your moments of despair and uncertainty. Knowing that you are not alone, He is with you, may be that one thing that will bring transformational healing. We can take comfort in knowing that Jesus wept in this exchange. He too, expressed depth of emotion as He wept. In His tears, Jesus identifies with the human condition. Jesus is not surprised by our tears; He wept too.

Jessica Spivey