Day 101

Read Matthew 25:31-26:2.

Devotion by: Lynne Fukutani

If I’m reading this passage correctly, the sheep-people didn’t go around helping the people so they’d get credit for helping Jesus. They just help other people as part of their daily life.

This has probably happened to you, too. I’m on my way to a meeting at work, and I see someone who needs help. As I drive on by, I make up a bunch of reasons why I didn’t stop. I’d be late. The traffic is moving too fast. Someone else with more time will surely stop.

What if it was Jesus on the side of the road needing help? I’d have to line up to have the chance to help Him! Jesus is saying in this passage that it really doesn’t matter who it is that we help. After all, every single person on the planet is made in the image of God and God loves every single person on the planet equally. So, helping them helps Him!

So what does Jesus want me to do? Help anyone who needs help? Yes. Yes, He does.

Jessica Spivey