Day 102

Read Matthew 26:3-5 and 26:14-16.

Devotion by: Matthew Stiller
Conspiracy: Judas Steals Away to Jerusalem

Here we find the leading priests plotting to capture and kill Jesus when Judas presents himself with an offer to betray Jesus in return for money. I see inward thinking and selfishness in these passages. The leading priests are only thinking of what’s best for them and their future. Judas, one of Jesus’ disciples, is just thinking about the money he will get by betraying Jesus. Interestingly, the priests are worried about capturing Jesus during Passover because they are afraid the people will riot. Is this also because the riots will disturb or reveal their plans and the people might persecute them?

This might be an extreme example of selfishness. But it reminds me that it’s not just me in the world, one decision that I make can affect the whole world.

Jessica Spivey