Day 79

Read John 11:47-54.

Devotion by: Keith Harcombe
Pharisees Plot to Put Jesus to Death

It is somewhat ironic that the reason that Caiaphas, the high priest, and the high council want to kill this Jesus is that “soon everyone will believe in Him.” You can hear the idle chatter at the council as they sip on their lattes and nibble on their teacakes, “I mean, these miracles, these healings He did, they were pretty unbelievable.”

Then finally after a two-hour council meeting Caiaphas makes a command decision and sets everyone straight, “OK, guess what, it’s better that one might die than the whole nation of us.”

Caiaphas is a prophet! Sometimes words of prophecy, that is, how God is going to move and work in and around our lives, is spoken by the most unlikely of people. Have you ever heard God speak through someone that you would never have chosen as a prophet? Someone who might not even follow Jesus?

Sometimes to hear God we have to listen a little harder.

Sometimes we have to have eyes to see and ears to hear the Kingdom being spoken about.

Sometimes we have to be at long council meetings we don’t want to be at.

The hope, our hope, is for the Kingdom of God to be seen at work in and around us so that “soon everyone will believe in Him.”

Jessica Spivey