Day 80

Read Luke 17:11-19.

Devotion by: Sarah Dethier
Ten Lepers

There are often moments in life when, in the middle of the mundane, you realize something: You haven't stopped to praise the Lord for an answer to prayer. Perhaps it's because you've just been too busy to do so, or maybe that answer wasn't quite what you expected it to be. Maybe you'd hoped for a different outcome. I'm sobered to realize that there have been more moments such as these in my life than I'm comfortable claiming. Regardless of the unexpected answers to our prayers and the life happening around us, our response should always be one of stop-us-in-our-tracks praise to our Father. Let us not become so consumed by the things of this life or our own what-ifs that we fail to praise the Giver of all good things. May we be among that 10 percent of lepers who paused in the middle of the miracle to humbly thank Jesus. Are there any blessings for which you haven't yet thanked the Father? Stop what you're doing now and thank Him. He is never too busy to receive your praise and honor, and it is never too late to offer it.

Jessica Spivey