Day 84

Read Mark 10:17-31.

Devotion by: Diane Pearson
Peril of Riches

Before I had the Holy Spirit living in me, I used to think like the rich man in this passage. Since I never stole or killed anyone, I thought I was a good person by trying to keep the Ten Commandments to please God. I used to think I would have to give up things to be a Christian and I didn’t like that idea at all. I had been blinded by the world and how they viewed Jesus. That is until I met Him and my eyes and heart were opened by the Holy Spirit. Seek the Kingdom of God, and He will give you everything you need.

You may think you have it all here and now, all the money and earthly possessions. But, all of that will not last forever. Having Jesus in your heart and following Him is all you really need to live forever in God’s heavenly kingdom for all eternity.

Jessica Spivey