Day 112

Read John 17:1-26.

Devotion by: Jeanne Silva
High Priestly Prayer

How often is it that we say to our friends, “Pray for me…” and then tell them the details of our concerns? We do this because, as a Christ follower, we know that there is power in prayer. We believe that if many come to God with the same petition, God may be inclined to show us mercy and grant our request. We share these details of our lives with the people whom we trust, and hope that God will hear us all.

But did you ever think that Jesus is praying to God on your behalf? It amazes me to think that Jesus cares about every single person, and wants the best for each of us. It is important that not only do we gather our group of friends in prayer, but that we seek Jesus himself! Jesus cares enough about each person that He, Himself, petitions God, asking Him to show mercy on me.

In return, Jesus asks that we allow ourselves to be used to show God to those who don’t know Him. Jesus blesses us; let us bless others! Jesus prays for us; let us pray for others! It is through each of us that the world will come to know God!

Jessica Spivey