Day 114

Read Matthew 26:47-56.

Devotion by: Mia Bobo
Betrayal and Seizure

Can you imagine being betrayed by one of your closest companions, arrested on trumped up charges, and deserted by the friends who just hours earlier vowed to stand by you even if it meant death? All this in only one evening! Now add to all of this the foreknowledge that it would happen, the power to prevent it and still the choice to walk that path. Those are the circumstances of our Scripture today.

The weight of what Jesus is choosing, which will end with his suffering and death on the cross, is beyond human comprehension. He chose that path for the salvation of humanity. He walked that path for you and me. He chose us over everything else. He chose us!

Let’s choose Him above all else.


Thank You for choosing us above everything, Jesus.

Give us a heart to run after You, Lord;

To choose You above all else.

Jessica Spivey