Week 19 Recap: Days 109-114

Devotion by: Cheryl Jackson

We are nearing the pinnacle of Jesus’ life in our readings for this week. The first readings were His teachings that highlighted words of comfort and assurance of God’s provision in the midst of the uncertainty and tumult that is forthcoming.

Jesus promises us peace and joy when we abide in these assurances. He also commands us to love one another and obey His commands, all of which contributes to our experience of personal joy.

In John 16, Jesus gives us additional teaching on the importance of His leaving and the coming of the Advocate, the Holy Spirit. He predicts the disciples will be confused and grieved. But in time, they will experience the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit. Jesus hopes that they will keep their faith during the upcoming difficult time.

We then turned toward the time of the betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane. The disciples were extremely confused and frightened. Jesus, fully human, struggled through the anguish He knew He would be experiencing.

Jessica Spivey