Day 116

Read Luke 23:1-25.

Devotion by: Keith Harcombe
Jesus’ Civil Trials

I often wonder at this section of history, at the crux of all time, when religion, law and eternity collide in a fascinating mess, which crowd would I be in?

I wonder, would I be part of the civil empire crowd? Would I be a man on a throne (one that I had rightly earned for myself) judging the blood-soaked, sorry looking rebel before me by asking Him the question, “Are you the King of the Jews”? Willing to do what everyone wanted just to pacify the crowds?

I wonder, would I be part of the super religious crowd? You know, the professionals, those who were theologically correct, those who follow the rituals, command the people and practice the proper regulations? Jesus claimed to be the Anointed One, descended from the line of David, and literally God. Would I know for sure that He was NOT the Messiah we had been waiting for?

I wonder, would I be part of the onlooking crowd? The ones joining in with the euphoria in the courtyard screaming, “Crucify Him”? The ones who were joyful over Jesus’ humiliation and laughing at this so-called king?

Which crowd would you be in?

Would you claim Jesus as your king?

Would you bow down mockingly or in reverent worship?

Would you scream “we have no king but [insert favorite leader here]”?

It’s Friday,

It’s Fearful

It’s Frightening

… but Sunday is Coming.

Here is your King.

Jessica Spivey